Information about RLP

RLP also known as SLP is the liquidity provision token received upon providing liquidity in the ROUL/ETH pair on Sushiswap - Arbitrum.

Just holding RLP allows for the capture of the base Sushiswap's Liquidity provider fee that is charged for any swap on the DEX.

But the true potential of RLP is unlocked by our special staking pool that allows users to stake their RLP tokens and earn revenue share from the casino.

Why RLP?

We have chosen RLP to be the main part of the ecosystem as a liquid pool allows the casino to process transactions and operate smoothly via the method of RLP stakers essentially acting as "The House" in a traditional casino setup.

Where is RLP?

You can make RLP tokens by providing Liquidity on Sushiswap - Arbitrum

How secure is RLP?

RLP follows the standard liquidity token smart contract that has been tried and tested across multiple blockchains and over dozens of protocols.

What are the fees to create RLP?

The standard token fee of 2% is applied upon the generation of RLP. Moving RLP around or staking it in the pool has 0% Fee.

How do I break RLP?

RLP can be broken back into its primary components of ETH and ROUL by removing the liquidity provision via Sushiswap LP Token Provisional UI.

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