You have questions? We have answers. Here are the most commonly asked questions.

What is ArbiRoul?

ArbiRoul is a betting platform powered by Arbitrum. You can wager and enjoy over 2,000 casino games.

Is ArbiRoul secure?

We have been audited by leading blockchain security firms successfully. Roul is Safu

How can I get started with ArbiRoul?

You would need MetaMask. Get ETH on Arbitrum chain and then use Sushiswap or AlienFi to buy ROUL. Once you have ROUL, you can enjoy ArbiRoul's betting platform

What are Rouler NFTs?

Roulers are limited-edition NFTs crafted by the ArbiRoul team. Only 1,111 were minted and sold out. But you can still get Roul NFTs on OpenSea. NFT holders benefit from DAO governance, airdrops, profit redistribution, and more.

Do I need to submit my ID to wager on casino games?

No. The beauty of blockchain is that it is accessible to everyone. To enjoy ArbiRoul classic or Rouler Casino, simply connect your MetaMask to the site and enjoy. That's it!

How is the yield for stakers generated?

The yield for stakers is real yield that comes from fees on transaction volume and revenue from the casino bets. See Staking Section for more details.

What is RLP?

See our RLP Section​

How much Revenue is shared with stakers?

100% of ArbiRoul's revenue is shared with our stakers!