Information about upcoming ArbiRoul Lottery

Brief Overview

ArbiRoul Lottery will be a unique revenue-sharing lottery and will be integrated fully with the ArbiRoul ecosystem.
The jackpot will come through a combination of lottery tickets and casino revenue share. 10% of the Rouler casino's revenue will be shared in the jackpot pool.
Users will be able to purchase tickets with ROUL. 50% of the ticket price will be burnt and 50% of the lottery ticket price will be sent to the jackpot


Holding High Roulers NFTs will allow the user to use these NFTs for generating leverage while purchasing the lottery ticket. The leverage will be on a scalable basis, and will increase on the number of High Roulers you hold. Leverage will have a max cap beyond which no more leverage will be possible. Tickets
Tickets shall be minted using ROUL. Minting a ticket once ensures said ticket allows entries into all lottery rounds. Mint once, play forever. Further details will be added to this page in the coming days. The lottery dApp is scheduled for release in the month of March.
Last modified 11mo ago