NFTs - High Roulers

You can’t have a crypto project without an NFT collection.
Built and designed by the ArbiRoul team, “The High Roulers” is an aesthetic NFT collection that offers benefits to holders.
If you hold a High Rouler NFT, you get staking privileges, reward distribution, DAO governance (voting rights), and bragging rights.
Because ArbiRoul is DAO governed, holders of High Rouler NFTs will get voting rights on ArbiRoul’s direction. For example, if ArbiRoul decides to increase or decrease the marketing budget, a high Rouler NFT holder can vote yes or no.

DAO Governance:

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.
DAO governance is like a big club where everyone gets to make decisions about what the club does. Instead of having just one person in charge, everyone gets a say and gets to vote on what the club does. This way, everyone's voice is heard and everyone helps decide what's best for the club.

Revenue Sharing:

ArbiRoul is proud to offer revenue-sharing NFTs that are linked to our casino's revenue. With this unique technology, NFT holders will be able to receive a percentage of the casino's profits, based on the number of NFTs they hold. This revenue-sharing mechanism also promotes transparency and fairness, as the profits are distributed directly to the NFT holders. Currently, 11% of the revenue is distributed to High Rouler NFTs, subject to change in the future. Revenue Share NFTs: https://nft.arbiroul.xyz/
How many High Roulers are there in existence? 1,111 Roulers were minted.
If you would like a Rouler NFT, you can buy one from OpenSea.