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ArbiRoul (Introduction)

ArbiRoul is a decentralized betting platform powered by Arbitrum. Users can wager and enjoy casino games in a safe, transparent, and fun manner!
Quick summary:
  • ArbiRoul is a complete betting platform. Users can wager and enjoy over 2,000 casino games and sports betting
  • Users can enjoy staking, NFT, and airdrops
Hello friend! Welcome to ArbiRoul.
Powered by smart contracts, ArbiRoul is 100% fair and transparent– no KYC is necessary.
Users can enjoy their favorite casino games by simply connecting their MetaMask wallet to ArbiRoul and wagering. Enjoy over 2,000+ casino games in the comfort of your own home.
Moreover, ArbiRoul is more than a "betting platform" with cryptocurrency.
We offer:
  • Unique revenue sharing NFTs
  • Token staking (Earn ROUL and ETH)
  • Casino games (Over 2000 games)
  • And much more
ArbiRoul platform includes two key products:
Roul Classic
Rouler Casino
Roul Classic offers 100% on-chain, fully decentralized games powered by TreasureDAO oracles and Quantum RNG by API3.
Rouler Casino is a joint partnership with OwlDao’s licensed casino. This means you can enjoy over 2,000 games such as slots, baccarat, blackjack, and sports betting.
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